Sunday, May 29, 2011

You Can't Win Them All ... or ... My Impatience Is Showing

A clematis I started , that will never be finished

   They don't all work out. In my case, it is usually because I have been too keen to start, and to finish. I don't do proper value sketches and color plans. And sometimes I have a feeling the paint should just FLOW off my brush, and do exactly what I want! WRONG!!! The clematis has some good points, but the tea dribbled on it negates finishing it. 
   The rabbit was to be for one of my co-workers, who at one time had a rabbit called "Smokey". Unfortunately, the rabbit has turned out looking like a "schmoo" - a cartoon character form decades ago; it was basically a white blob. Bunny aside, the rest of the work I like. The soft background washes I always love, and the grass effect I like as well. I'll definitely use that look again. 

The sketch doesn't look too bad
A bunny I was trying to do for one of my friends