Monday, July 22, 2013


The spare stall is stacked to the ceiling with wonderful, soft hay.

There are even bales stacked in the alleyway.

Garden is still doing well. The snow-peas and lettuce are great [had some for dinner], and everything is growing.

I have darkened the background. As I thought, the shadows and colors in the flowers need to be strengthened - they are just overpowered by the darks.

I started the ink and wash as well. So far, so good ...

I was up early this morning, as I knew the hay was being delivered. But I thought Andy would call first. NO ... I was in the bathroom, and had to call out to tell him I'd be a minute. Then I helped unload 120 bales of hay - my stash for the year. It is beautiful this year - soft and green - as we had more rain. It is SOOO nice, I am going to have to put His Imperial Chubbiness on a bit of a diet. He is ready to inhale as much as he can get. Probably a hay-net will be in order, to slow down his eating.
So between unloading hay, going on a small cleaning rampage, and doing some painting, it has been a full day.

As always, I thank you for dropping by, and welcome your comments!