Monday, May 28, 2012

More Runny Paint ... More Lifting ...

First wash and lift while wet

Second, with the same colors

Third wash, with three different brown shades, and lifting while wet
I think i'll do some dry lifting, and then add some color, depth and shadows.

WHY did I chose such a difficult flower???

I think I'll make it a bit easier [ I hope ] by changing the reds to whites.

As always, your comments are most welcome.

A Day for Frogs, Ducks and PAINTING

This photo of Bruno being shod lends itself to the saturated w/w lifting.

Couldn't find my old sketch, so I've done another one.

First w/w wash, with some lifting while wet.

Beautiful morning shot of some rhododendrons in the garden.

Little did I know I would need a color-coded road map - still working on it.

Once again, it's too wet for riding outside, so I guess I'll just have to paint. Actually, Bruno has been doing phenomenally well. He seems to like being ridden off seat-bones and legs. It gets very abstruse in a riderly sort of way. All horses have a preference as to how they like to be ridden - the hands, the leg, the seat-bones and weight, or a combination. Right now, the lad seems most responsive when I don't muddle and nitpick with his mouth; he just hums along on weight shifts of my seat-bones, and variable calf pressure. OK ... OK ... you have to be there ...

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