Monday, December 26, 2011

The Christmas Guest

Miss Betty, heading for the garden

Closer inspection

Bruno, out for a munch on the back lawn, wearing his "apres-workout" cooler

Amazing ...  they largely ignored each other

Bit of a sniff and closer look on Bruno's part

... and then they go their separate ways

Betty, up close and personal

And a bit more garden time before we go inside

I've ben doing a lot of dog-sitting for relatives this fall and winter.  Betty arrived Christmas Day.  My aunt [who was taking care of Betty for a sister] brought her here, as my aunt was going to another sister's for dinner, and that sister didn't want Betty at her house as she sheds [Betty, not the sister!] It's all mildly convoluted.
I finally got to ride today, as the weather was quite fine and the ground was not frozen. So out Betty and I went. Bruno was fine with her, though he did pretend to be afraid when I was on his back. All horses practice this art of evasion to varying degrees, feigning fear in order to rattle the rider, and thereby avoid "work".  Anyway, it was so good to get outside and ride, evasions or not!