Thursday, May 7, 2015

All in a Day's Work ...

Why I felt compelled to do this, I'm not sure, other than it was too delicate. It needed some oomph.

Today I tried to minimize the garishness of those dark lines by going over the entire work with a lavender color. 

Did some work with Drake the II - lifting with the magic eraser [it really is magical], and starting his eyes.

And I started my cowboy painting.

Cobalt blue on the left side of the shirt, a mixture of aureolin and quin. burnt orange for his hat, and flesh tones of quin. sienna, alizarin crimson and cobalt blue.

The shirt I also started with a quin. sienna/alizarin mix. I'm amazed how much it already reminds me of Scott. 

And I took this to the framer. It will have a dark brown/black mat and a somewhat rustic-looking mid-brown wood frame. I originally thought to varnish it, but after looking at it critically, decided it needed a boundary, a perimeter - the background is so light.

All this painting was done because I couldn't ride His Highness. We've been working on getting him to use his right hind more effectively. He has a gorgeous, powerful trot on the left rein, but his right side is quit wimpy, probably due to all those years of racing around a track in one direction. Unfortunately, my right side is weaker, too. I had a whopper of a cycling accident years ago - a woman rear-ended me doing about 50 mph. The impact was so hard, she couldn't drive her car after - the damage was so bad. And I am left with a bad back. But I spoke with my riding trainer today, and she feels we can overcome both our inadequacies by working in shorter intervals. I am definitely NOT quitting riding!!!

Thank you so much for your visit!