Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Back to Work ...

I left this in disgust a few days ago, and worked on portraits instead.

I took it out again this morning after riding. Those are my paddock boot tips in the photo.

I've darkened the mountains , and am carefully darkening the abutment and girders. It doesn't look too bad when I put a mat around it.

Here's the back of my vet's head. It was the best I could do with one hand, as I was assisting.

It's not something I really like to see - a horse drugged to the point of almost falling over, with his head in a sling fastened to the ceiling, but that's dental care in horse land. Most horses get their teeth done every year or two. Bruno needs his done every six months. He has quite a malocclusion, probably as a result of a broken jaw when very young. He might have been stepped on or rolled on by his mom, or kicked when playing with the other young horses - it happens. Because of this, his teeth wear very unevenly, and he gradually get sharp points and edges on them, which can cut the tongue and cheeks. So today was the day.  

He had them done almost an hour ago, so he's probably just coming out of the sedation now. Then he can have his dinner. If they are allowed to eat while sedated, they can choke. There's your bit of horsey education for today.

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