Sunday, April 3, 2011

Kouza Dogwood

After the last session, I added some cobalt blue from the bottom up

More blue

Some darkening of leaves
Also, photo taken in daylight - WHAT a difference 

Completed ... I think
   When I was at Darts Hill last June [for an art event] I had an opportunity to spend some time taking pictures before the public arrived. It was a glorious evening with perfect lighting, so I took as many photos as I had time for. One of the "models" was an Oriental or Kouza dogwood, with a very elegant flower. Here are my photos, and my interpretation of one of the shots.

A Little Bit of This and That ...

SPRING is springing!

The gardens are starting to look like gardens.

Buds on the fruit trees.

Bruno catching some rays.

WHAT a SWEET face!

Having a munch in his shed [very bright, and over-exposed]

Still munching

   It was a glorious day yesterday, warm and sunny, and unpredicted as such by weather forecast which made it even more special. Everyone was outside, walking, gardening, enjoying the gorgeous weather. Myself, I went for a walk with Pat and the dogs, did some garden neatening with my aunt, and groomed the BrunZ [got almost another horse in hair!] Did a bit of painting, but I'll put that in the next post. Today it was overcast, and right now it is raining so hard, I'm wondering if I should see about starting an ark for the beasties. Such is spring weather.