Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Little Bit of This and That ...

SPRING is springing!

The gardens are starting to look like gardens.

Buds on the fruit trees.

Bruno catching some rays.

WHAT a SWEET face!

Having a munch in his shed [very bright, and over-exposed]

Still munching

   It was a glorious day yesterday, warm and sunny, and unpredicted as such by weather forecast which made it even more special. Everyone was outside, walking, gardening, enjoying the gorgeous weather. Myself, I went for a walk with Pat and the dogs, did some garden neatening with my aunt, and groomed the BrunZ [got almost another horse in hair!] Did a bit of painting, but I'll put that in the next post. Today it was overcast, and right now it is raining so hard, I'm wondering if I should see about starting an ark for the beasties. Such is spring weather.


  1. Kathryn, those buds on your third shot look like little trolls with skewed faces. Wow!

  2. Bruno does have such a sweet face:) Love the spring photos and the new dogwood painting is gorgeous!