Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I've had the urge to go back into some of my older work - pieces that were all right, but  so-so.
This is the original portrait I did of my hay guy.

I stapled it on a board, and went to work. I have done a w/w varied application of quin. burnt orange and quin. red on the right, with indanthrone blue added to the mixture on the left.

I have just gone over it again with a wash of alizarin crimson, stronger on the left. I must say I really like the change.

This is another oldie that looks like it's been in a bit of a fight.
This one I had to tape to a board, as the edges were so uneven.

I have done one dark w/w wash of quin. burnt orange, quin. violet and indanthrone blue. It looks much more striking, but needs at least one more dark glaze.

As always, your comments are most welcome!