Saturday, April 7, 2012

What Do I Do When I'm Not Ruining a Painting?

He was well-groomed 4 hours ago. I spent about an hour getting hair and mud out of his coat before riding.

Bruno is shedding A LOT, and is itchy.

So he rolls in the mud.

The flip side is just as bad.

Then there is the pile of composted "horse essence" that is used in the flower gardens, but most will be harrowed into the field. It's covered over the wet season, so too much doesn't get into the ground-water.

Then there is the constant war with the blackberry brambles. I love the berries, but if not savagely cut back, they spread like the weed they are.

Blackberry all along the back fence-line.

Hah - back fence-line.

A parting shot of Muddy Mud Skipper, chowing down dinner.

This one is salvageable.

This one isn't. I think I'll have to plan the background more before I dive into it again.