Sunday, November 27, 2016

Guess I'd Better Get Back to Work ...

I am just going to play a bit of catch-up here, and post some of the recent paintings ...
The golden eagle I did for a friend at work; her husband is a big fan of birds of prey.  I think it was about 16 x 12 inches, and is now happily framed and hanging in their living room.

This is a 10 x 10 inch painting that stared off as a class demonstration. [Yes, still teaching and still really LOVING it] I decided to mount and varnish this and the cow painting below. 

The painting was based on some photos I took of a small herd of Jersey cows I passed on the way to the feed store. Miss Moo is varnished on a 10 x 8 inch cradled frame. 

I painted  The Nafco for a friend, who came to my aid when my car was totalled last year. He is a car dealer [Acura in Langley - I promised him the "ad"], and found a wonderful, almost-new VW for me to replace my Honda. His dad was a fisherman, and worked on the Nafco for years. Gary was thrilled, and said he would treasure it as a family heirloom. What a wonderful thing to say!

I thoroughly enjoyed working on Miss Kylie - what a fantastic smile on her face! I did another portrait earlier this year for the same client, and she liked it so much, she wanted to have one of her husband's very-much-loved dog.

This is another one that started off as a class project. Originally, it was very simple - just the snail and its reflection. Then I decided to play with some backlighting. I quite like the effect.

Just finished the barn swallows this morning [15 x 11 inches unframed]. I masked the birds, then did the background all in one fell swoop. I wet the paper in an irregular manner, and stroked in the two oranges and the blue, and let them mix on their own. I think that achieved the effect I wanted - that of light filtering in past some old boards. I want to do more work along this vein, with a very loose background just suggestive of shapes. In this, I am inspired by Morten Solberg's  wildlife paintings.

And, yes, Bruno and I are still an item, and Maggie is as busy as ever!
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