Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ming the Merciless Strikes Again!!!

What I just sent to Anne ...

What Anne saw as needing work ...


Well, it seems that the Awesome Ming is back in top, fighting form. Earlier today, I received a note with an annotated photo, both describing her criticism of the portrait. And she's absolutely right!!!  I thought, after all the agonizing over this portrait, you might want to see the critique. And I will go back to the painting ...

As ever, your comment are always most welcome!

What Would Happen If ...

The last two are at the same stage, just different lighting. The bottom one is daylight, and somewhat more true to life.  Looking at it, the painting seems suitable for a children's book illustration. I think I want it gloomier and more eerie. So I am thinking of placing some grayed wash wet-in-wet on the entire background and into the top of the tree. That's where the "what would happen if ... " comes in. It's probably my favorite phrase, leading to all sorts of different ideas.
Again, Buddy's portrait is under Anne's scrutiny. Interestingly, She asked me to critique it, and send my thoughts along with the touched up photo. It was an illuminating exercise.
One of my sisters, Steph - she of the animal rescue and all the family portraits, suggested I ask her husband about doing a [some?] painting for his office. He is a "higher up" with one of the large American banks here in Vancouver, and the work would get good exposure. So I spoke to John; he was agreeable. Now I have to get some ideas going for paintings with a strong Vancouver theme.
Anyway, that's what's happening in my part of the world.

As ever, your comments are MOST welcome!