Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Lovely Day on the Farm

SE corner of Bruno's field, showing small berm on other side of electric fence

THIS is what was catching his eye

Three young bucks, out for a late lunch

Really shedding out

One would watch me, & the other two would graze

Very calm & quiet

   I had just finished untacking the lad, and had let him loose in his paddock. He was VERY interested in one spot just outside his field. I looked, and there were three "somethings" out there. So I opened the gate to let Bruno out on the field, and then quietly wandered out myself. I got part way to the other end, and thought I saw deer. So I quietly turned around and went back to the house to get my camera. 
   I slowly meandered again across the field, pretending not to look at the deer. Even so, they started to leave their grazing spot, and move away from me. I carefully kept on, then crawled through he electric fencing, and climbed the low berm. The deer were unsure. I sat down, and hoped they would take me as a "friendly"; they did!  I was up there, quietly taking photos, and just watching them for about half an hour. At one point, two of the bucks reared up, and had a bit of a fisty-cuffs .. all in play. [I've seen kangaroos do so, but never deer.]
   It was a glorious day, made all the more so by being permitted to enjoy the presence of the deer.