Wednesday, January 9, 2013

And It RAINED and RAINED ...

I took this photo this morning. Last night, it was all under water. I waded through about 8 inches of water going to the barn at 10 PM. The rain was pounding so hard, that when it stopped, I looked up and wondered what was different - the noise had disappeared. We really do get some torrential downpours here.

It's still very wet, and yesterday the water was to the bottom of the large cedar tree. I was busy changing Bruno's blankets, from soggy to not-quite-as-wet, and finding a dry spot in his shed to put his food. I now have an intimation of what it is like to have a flood, and it is very disturbing. I think the worst is that one feels so completely helpless. But enough of that! It's stopped, and I will be out cleaning up and setting things straight in the barn.  

I have done all the shadows for now. It's time to get some local color on the flowers. My swatch is on the left. I'm thinking of cobalt blue and quin, pink at the upper left, and quin. pink and phthalo blue in the lower focal area. I have a feeling I will have to go darker on the left and bottom, and take some of the leaf shadow colors into the flowers. The other option may be to crop, but I'll get some more color on first.

Round #2 for the barn swallow did not work. I wanted to get a backlit effect on the bird. I still like that idea, and will try to get it using graded washes instead of random blobs of color and shadow.

As always, your comments are so welcome!