Thursday, April 7, 2016

Narcissus: Emergence - a Step by Step Process ...

My model, growing in a patch by the riding ring.

My drawing [and value idea]

I masked out the flower, and applied a thin, graded wash of quin. gold, let it dry, then did a thin graded wash of phthalo blue.

Another, more intense wash of phthalo blue

The leaves done, using combinations of gold and blue. I didn't want them to overwhelm the painting, so they were done with thin washes.

I started the flower with w/w applications of aureolin in the trumpet and reflected onto some of the petals, and phthalo blue on the shadowed areas of the surrounding petals.  

I intensified the shadows on the petals so they were as close as I could get to the value of the surrounding sky. I wanted to create a lost-and-found look - have them seem to emerge from the paper. I added some shadows around the center of the trumpet with a pink/yellow/blue mixture, let it dry, then glazed with yellow and burnt orange to warm it up.

Some thin blue applied to the perimeter of the trumpet ...

... which you can see better in this close-up.

This is drawing of another narcissus I'd like to start soon. I'll paint this one with different techniques and colors.

Thank you so much for dropping by!!!