Monday, August 27, 2012

The "Take the Bull by the Horns" Technique of Painting Leaves

Where I left off ...

Some direct painting of leaf shadows

One version of Trigger. I almost always use a grid for portraits. Then I take my time to go over it, and make sure it is accurate and has life.

I'd like to do a profile, too.

I'm still struggling with trying to paint what I think would be credible leaves. I took a lot of leaf photos yesterday, and will practice ... practice ... practice.
Drove into Vancouver to visit my sister, Steph, and the family. All were home, and that doesn't happen often. I even met my nephew's girlfriend - delightful and bright - going to Birmingham, UK to study medicine in the fall. I also took along the dreaded Burrard Bridge painting, for a final approval. John liked it, and I will have it framed as soon as he sends me the dimensions of the area in which it will hang. And I took home a bonus. Steph had just made some of her yummy potato salad!!! I dropped some off at my aunt's on the way home - she lives a few blocks from Steph. And then it was back to the farm.

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