Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Missy Is Still Steaming Along ...

I thought I'd post from start to finish, what I have done today ...

I had to lift her left nostril a bit here, as it seemed to be a bit off kilter.

At this point, I think I may darken the ears and nose, touch up the dark points around her muzzle, and darken the shadowing on her left side. Then I am considering using the mauve color I've used in the shadows of her face, and dropping it w/w on the side of her face and body in the light, to bring it out of the paper.

As always, your comments are so welcome.

Steaming Along ...

I am here with Missy now. She seems to be painting herself, it is coming along so easily and well. This feeling is rare, and I am LOVING it! I just hope Pat finds it looks like her sweet Baboo.
I just realized I've been painting for over three hours, other than quick forays out to the barn to feed Mr.B. I must take a break, and take the lad out for a hand-walk. Yesterday, he had moments of brilliance [he was trying so very hard] and then moments of awkward stiffness, so I really don't want to put a saddle on him today. But a walk in the glorious sunshine is definitely in order.

As always, your comments keep me going. :) 

Some Diversions While I Wrestle with the DREADED BRIDGE

I felt compelled to do this painting. It's of Pat Elliot's much-loved rescue terrier, Missy. Quite often, Pat will post a note about Missy's adventures, and this latest one had such an adorable photo of her. Pat gave me permission to paint her, and she is coming along beautifully. :) Thank you, Pat.

This one might be considered a bit grisly, but I feel driven to paint it. One of the baby barn swallows fell from the nest onto an old towel I had covering the hay under their nest. [They do poop a LOT.] I hope you can see it. I've just done a very light sort of drop-wash, to suggest the very fine downy feathers. I am going to call it "The Fragility of Life".

I took a photo of the bridge painting alongside a meter stick. It's a big painting. There was paint and water running everywhere yesterday when I blocked in the sky and water. And those are my toes, in my oh-so-grubby barn shoes. :)

I must end by saying a very big THANK YOU to all of you who have written such kind and supportive words. You help me so much to get over these artistic hurdles we all have.