Wednesday, November 1, 2017


Drawing with notes and large drawing of cormorant.

Mask out bird and boat. Graded washes of quin. coral and phthalo blue.

More washes of phthalo blue, trying to keep pink area a bit clear of blue. Start thin washes of indanthrone from bottom upwards, and drizzle on some wavy lines with thicker mix of indanthrone to evoke quiet wave action.

Masking off.

Use two mixtures - one of the pink and indanthrone, the second with some quin. burnt orange added to grey the color. Use those colors to creat planking on side of boat, and shadows on boat and bird.

Paint in cormorant and reflections, and voila!
Framable size 18 x 13 in./ 46 x 33 cm.
$295.00 US unframed

This is my student's work - beautifully done washes! Marie has only been painting since the middle of the summer, and she has taken to it so quickly, I am amazed.

 This is the Big Guy and me, shuffling through the leaves in the back yard. My trainer wanted to take some photos, as it was such a gorgeous day, fantastic colors. It has been a beautiful Fall, I have wanted to spend as much time as possible outside, savouring it!!

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