Friday, March 2, 2012

Chick Lib ... or ... Another Short Country Moment

The gate to the barn area.

Lovely walk to the barn.

Thor, off in the distance, whinnying for more food.

Some of Les Girls.

Look at that strut! I think he and his paramour came from the States, back east.

There he goes, in hot pursuit of a sweet young thing.

Indoor shot of their breakfast nook. I was amazed at the size of that hen on the left. She is easily twice the size of  any of the other hens.

I zipped down the street to let the chickens out  before I headed for the highway and work. I could hear contented hen noises well before I got to the shed. I was expecting to be run over by a flock of crazed poultry, but they were most civilized as they left their "bedroom". Most headed to the breakfast nook; a few decided to take a wander outside in the backyard. All in all, it was a very [surprisingly] quiet event. They'll probably get me tomorrow!!! :)