Friday, November 11, 2011

I Think I'll Call It ... "Where Did I Leave My Glasses This Time"


The bug theme was inspired by another blogging artist, my friend from afar, Suzanne Berry.  She paints divine bugs [and portraits, too]. Her blog is most definitely worth a look and read; she has a wonderfully warped sense of humor. I think I am done with slugs for now, but there are still bees and ladybugs in my photo file ...  

The Slug Saga ... or ... I Can't Believe I am Spending Time on This!

Reference photo - giant leopard slug visiting the back porch
1st start - w/w wash of aureolin, pink and coblat blue
Add shadow to step
Start slug - didn't like the colors
Start of round #2 - almost all w/w, to get softness of coloration
Color only on shadowed portion of step, dropped in very w/w
Bit of detail  on step
Some thin washes to suggest shadow and form, and spots are done

The slug is good, though I will have to darken him. I am just not sure how much more I must add to the background. I don't want it too dark, or he will get lost. but as it stands now, it just does not look right. So ... yes, any and all comments are most welcome. You could even ask me WHY I painted a slug.