Friday, November 11, 2011

The Slug Saga ... or ... I Can't Believe I am Spending Time on This!

Reference photo - giant leopard slug visiting the back porch
1st start - w/w wash of aureolin, pink and coblat blue
Add shadow to step
Start slug - didn't like the colors
Start of round #2 - almost all w/w, to get softness of coloration
Color only on shadowed portion of step, dropped in very w/w
Bit of detail  on step
Some thin washes to suggest shadow and form, and spots are done

The slug is good, though I will have to darken him. I am just not sure how much more I must add to the background. I don't want it too dark, or he will get lost. but as it stands now, it just does not look right. So ... yes, any and all comments are most welcome. You could even ask me WHY I painted a slug.


  1. Feeling a bit sluggish today, Kathryn??? :)
    He's actually really neat!
    Carol B.

  2. Such a sluggish painting:) In the best way possible. Imagine how proud that slug would be to know he is immortalized. Maybe this will put this little slug on the map, you may have created the Paris Hilton of the slug world:)

  3. I have just found your slug in my dog's bowl this morning. If it is not him/her - then there is an identical creature here in my kitchen. I'm not sure I will keep it around long enough to paint its portrait but I like your painting.

  4. wow....u r rocking my friend ;)

  5. I do love seeing your process and I love the way you build the color.
    Now fill up some cut down styrofoam cups with beer and place them beneath the hostas and you'll be rid of the gross slugs :D