Thursday, September 4, 2014

Some Time Away from Horses and Watercolor ... and It Was GOOD

Heading down to the beach ...

... more stairs

some gorgeous views on the climb down

... and still more stairs

locals at the beach - got some good reference photos of the gulls

... and a steep climb back up

I spent Monday afternoon away from horses and painting, and visited a friend in White Rock. It is a lovely, still small and quaint town. I think it started out as a beach community, and moved up the hills over time. The beachfront is busy all year round, especially in summer. It's a lovely stretch of homes and shops and restaurants. Pearl and I hiked down through forest to the beach, and ambled along for a while.  Then we stopped for a lovely leisurely lunch. A bit more ambling on the sea-walk, then back up the dreaded hill. WOW ... it's steep! My calves are still stiff four days later, and I thought I was in reasonable shape :)

Thank you for dropping by!