Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Gentle Man

This is the drawing I did of Cindy two months ago.  She really was quite a character in personality and appearance.

Freehand drawing of Mario and Cindy...
It is two pieces, as the original I did of Cindy was lacking in depth, so I did another of her and attached it over the original.
... from a photo I luckily took a year ago.

My horse vet truly is a gentle man ... as well as an artist, art-lover, art collector, and just a general all-round lovable person. Over the past two months, he has performed some veterinary services for me, and charged me only a framed drawing of his beloved dog, Cindy, a rescue dog. I have shown him the portrait I did of Cindy; he loved it and asked to have it framed. I thought it was much too little to offer as recompense for his work, so I have started this work as well. I'd like to get it on "real" drawing paper, not the sketch-book paper it is on now. So that is my next project. It will be a learning process, as I have never done a drawing on "real" drawing paper.
And of course I am still looking closely and adjusting the tug boat and tulip paintings ... I am surprised I have not yet taken a "finished" painting out of the frame to touch it up. Probably sometime ...

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