Saturday, October 16, 2010

Reality Check [ this is my day job ]

   This is my "day job", what I do on a part-time basis to support my vices. [horses and painting] I work as a dental hygienist, at this particular office in north Surrey, on alternate Thursdays and every Friday. I've been in the profession for longer than I want to remember, yet I find I look forward to going to work here. The entire staff is VERY caring to patients, and to each other. And the level of clinical expertise and practice is high. It's a good place to be if you have to work.
   The first person you'll meet is Patricia, our receptionist. She is very efficient, and loves my art. Thank you, Patricia!


   The next person you'll see is probably Laara, our tall and able-bodied certified assistant. OK, I'm 5'2" on a big day, and Laara is head and shoulders above me, so I let her get into the high shelves for me. She is calm and almost unflappable when things are weird [or patients are weird] and when Glenn is running behind, which is not uncommon. Like most CDA's, she knows a lot about the entire operation of the office. Thank you, Laara!
Glenn [staight posture, when he realized photo being taken]
Laara and Glenn

   Glenn, too, is a very compassionate person ... sometimes I could say a bit too much so, as that is why he's almost always behind schedule. However, I don't think I would want him to be any different. He appreciates his staff ... and likes my art! A thank you to "The Chief"!
   Glenn shares the practice with his sister, Jocelyn, also a dentist. And his dad practices in the same building; he is a physician, and a sweetheart. Mom is quite often there as well, working with her husband. Josephine always makes sure everyone has their coffee for the day. Josephine is also an artist; she worked for years as a fine artist and graphic designer. Trying to get a photo of Josephine today was like trying to herd cats! Most of the ones I got were of her beetling away and covering her face! 
So ... that's my day job!