Thursday, April 14, 2016

A Nautical Painting ... the Basics Are Done

My drawing, with notes on format and direction of graded washes

The NAFCO - a seiner

A photo [taken by Clark Mishler] I found on the internet - loved the local mountains in the background, and the early morning soft colors.

Masked, with initial thin washes of aureolin and quin. rose.

Washes of a blue mixture - cobalt and phthalo blue.

Another wet-in-wet wash of pink ...

... and another of the blues.

Added the mountains with a mixture of indanthrone, aureolin and pink.

GONE! That huge blob of yellow masking was throwing off my eye as to color.

More dark blue washed onto the mountains on the right of the ship.

This is a gift for a friend - one of my sister's boyfriends. He is a manager at the Acura dealership in Langley. He very kindly found a car for me after the accident I had last October.  [My car was a write-off.] The car is a beauty, and was so reasonably priced. I know Gary likes realistic watercolor paintings, and my sister suggested I do one of his dad's fishing boat. I googled the ship's name and found some images, did some drawing, planned a color scheme, and here I am - about a third of the way through. I think the ship will be relatively easy- fussy, but easy.  It's the water that is going to take some thinking and planning.

That's it for now - thank you for dropping by!!