Thursday, May 5, 2011

It's Not Perfect, But ...

Indian woman
8.5 x 9 inches

   As I say, it is not perfect, but I am pleased. I did the painting quickly and efficiently in one day. I did not religiously follow a photograph. It is much looser than my usual style. It was good to try something different. PLEASE feel free to criticize; that's the only way I will improve. Thank you.

So Far This Morning ...

LOVE the face

   So far today, I have NOT cleaned the chinchilla cage. I have NOT cleaned the cat litter box [one of my least favorite chores; I think I'd rather muck out a stall with my bare hands] But I HAVE been painting, as it is once again too wet to ride outside.
   I fell in love with a photo that a friend took while in India. The woman's face is so strong. And I am really trying to loosen my style of painting. I quite dislike how I have come to almost slavishly follow a photograph. Call me a perfectionist and a purist, but I cannot honestly, from my heart, accept such work as a fully creative piece of art. I know I may offend some people, and I am putting my derriere on the line, but so it goes.

Prelim. sketch

1st washes - cobalt blue, burnt orange & violet
Still wet

Building structure with my favorite color combinations

More refinement in glazes.
Quite a way to go yet.
   In this, I would thank Peggi Habets, whose portraits inspire me.