Sunday, March 29, 2015

... Now ... THIS I Like ... or ... Another Go with the Farrier Painting

Same pose, same colors, same Scott and Bruno ...

I like how the tail looks here. I moistened the area, and stroked in thin lines of burnt orange, indanthrone and a mixture of orange, violet and blue [to make a rich black].

I wet the tail again, and stroked in lines of black only. Quite like the look - must remember this for future paintings!

I took this photo with something called AV mode. It's too dark, but it does show the  deeper, more earthy colors of Bruno.
I will not put a background in this painting. I feel what I want to express is solely about the farrier and the horse [and their bums!] If anything, I may put a w/w puddle of different colors around their feet to indicate a ground. Now, back to Voodoo ... I think he would look good in green!

Thank you so much for dropping by!