Sunday, March 29, 2015

... Now ... THIS I Like ... or ... Another Go with the Farrier Painting

Same pose, same colors, same Scott and Bruno ...

I like how the tail looks here. I moistened the area, and stroked in thin lines of burnt orange, indanthrone and a mixture of orange, violet and blue [to make a rich black].

I wet the tail again, and stroked in lines of black only. Quite like the look - must remember this for future paintings!

I took this photo with something called AV mode. It's too dark, but it does show the  deeper, more earthy colors of Bruno.
I will not put a background in this painting. I feel what I want to express is solely about the farrier and the horse [and their bums!] If anything, I may put a w/w puddle of different colors around their feet to indicate a ground. Now, back to Voodoo ... I think he would look good in green!

Thank you so much for dropping by!


  1. Kathryn! Wow...You are so right... The tail looks great! I really like the look.. And I also think that it needs no background.. I believe the little puddles around the feet will be all it needs..

  2. Heeee?? What was wrong with the first one? I loved it so much, with that background, that door. You are never satisfied with your self, are you? I think you surprise us with an other beautiful painting:) Have a nice week. Big hug for Bruno and Maggie! xxx

  3. Love it!!!
    There is something compelling about farriers' bums isn't there - am I allowed to say that???
    My farrier was nearing retirement but he always had young apprentices who were very easy on the eye (for the 'older' horse owing female LOL

  4. Kathryn - you have done a delightful job on this. The tail is gorgeous and I so agree about the background. You know I am still smiling over this composition - Hugs!

  5. It's fabulous Kathryn ! ( But I did like the first one too ) :-)) xx

  6. Such a challenging subject to paint! But I love how you've captured it! :0)