Thursday, June 19, 2014

I Painted ALLLLL Day ... to Bruno's Relief

I left the monks/geese at this point last night ...

... then today I painted all day, save for breaks to feed beasties, and to vent my frustrations with 2 hours of guerilla weed-whacking in the back yard. When I looked at this in the morning, the background looked too anemic, so I wet the sky and added more color, then when dry, also wet the mountains and forest and ruins in front and added more color again. I did the monks robes both all over wet-in-wet, and with some dry bush detail. And gave them legs and heads - good to have!

This photo and the one above look very different as to background - I think if you can imagine a blending of the two of them, that will be close as far as color and value.
I did more all-over washes of their robes and satchels with quin. sienna, darkened their legs and heads, and now I am undecided. I do like the orange, but am wondering if it gives enough of an impression of their being back-lit by an early morning sunrise? I'd like to keep the focus toward their feet, because for me the painting is about a pilgrimage, and I see that as walking. Would darkening the bodies a lot take away from that idea? Anyway, I'll put this aside for now, and work on the calf ...

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