Monday, August 4, 2014

"... if only you could see what I've seen ..." [Bladerunner]

I am here

I am posting all 3 recent shots  to allow you, hopefully,  to get an idea of the actual colors.  it's frustrating - not only are the thin glazes impossible to pick up on camera, but also the lighting makes getting a realistic photo very hard. That is what inspires the quote - I wish you could see the painting as I do. I think she still needs more depth around the eyes and mouth, and I am undecided whether to put just a hint of her t-shirt [pink, of course] in the painting. I had originally thought to put a soft, light background of yellows and greens, suggestive of leaves, but that would alter the entire color balance of the painting. I realize it sounds like I am obsessing a bit here, but I am out of paper - waiting for a shipment from the States. So I don't have any other painting to work on.

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