Thursday, February 2, 2012

As I Was Trying to Get a Photo ....

Taking my time with this

Shayna, the new kid in the house

She would NOT stand still for a second. I'm lucky to have taken this shot.

Letting me know how excited she is to see me.

And Abby came out, too.

I opened the front door to take an outdoor-light photo of the painting. The slider to the main house opened, and two dogs came screaming out!!! I yelled "NO", grabbed the painting from the ground, and then it was OK. I did not want the new [and VERY exuberant] dog to tap-dance all over Buddy's portrait.
Anyway, I may not be posting quite as frequently as I have been lately. It's going to be a slow and careful process with Buddy's portrait. Also, the weather has improved, and I am spending much more time outside with Bruno ... YAY!!!
The new girl is Shayna, a rescue from the Chilliwack animal rescue. She is about 2 years old, extremely friendly and loving, and full of life and energy. She loves to come in and visit when my door is open, and gobble up all the cat food. Needless to say, the cat is NOT overly impressed!
So, that's the latest from the Farm. Hope to hear from you!