Tuesday, February 12, 2019


Yours truly, pondering the imponderable
30 x 20 cm.

28 x 31.5 cm.
$265.00 Cdn.
This shrub/weed was growing beside the riding ring, so I saw it every day. Bruno wasn't eating it thankfully, so I watched it change from summer to fall, and took some photos as the berries started to ripen in the fall. This is not "deadly nightshade" which I believe is semi-tropical, but I put on gloves and gave it a serious haircut to discourage more speed and growth  after I took the photos.

Summer's End
38.5 x 33 cm.
This painting started off in late summer as a class project. I finished most of the flower and stem, and couldn't decide what else to do, so it sat for a few months. A couple of weeks ago, I felt it needed a look to suggest the dark and cold of winter, so I did this rough, dark background, and of course had to intensify some of the subject matter to balance with the darks. Summer's End is the result.
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