Monday, July 23, 2012

Catching Up ...

It's a wet, cool, windy day, so we are ALL inside ...

I have the Boxer Girls staying with me again, till Friday. This is Lucy, zonked out on her pouffe.

Younger sister, Desi. One or the other of the two always decides to pine for their mom, and fast for a few days. This time it's Desi. She's been following me around, with her stomach making loud rumbly noises, but she WON'T eat.

Andy is getting some touching up. I had made him much too young-looking, soft and pale, so I'm doing thin softened glazes to rectify that.

I've also started two other paintings - a portrait ...

and a study of the baby swallow.

I touched up the bridge, playing with it all weekend. I'd like my #1 critic to see it. She should be here for a visit on Wednesday.

Everyone is a critic! This gorgeous emerald-green moth decided to take up temporary residence on the painting. I carefully caught him/her and let her go outside.

I've been trying out a trial of the Adobe Photoshop Elements for editing paintings. I find the program a bit complicated, but then, it's all new to me. And it's definitely more than I need in an editing program, but there isn't much choice if you have a Mac. So I'll just keep playing with it.

As always, your comments are most welcome.


  1. It's glorious sunshine here! Thank you for sending it to us!
    Wow, you have a lot on the go, you are so busy! Loving the look of all of it so far :0)

  2. The boxers are so cute! Your paintings are coming along great and the bridge is lovely - I really like how it turned out!

  3. Hi Kathryn,
    It is interesting you got a visitor for your bridge. I am reading a book on Old Masters(Norbert Schneider "Still Life") these days and it claims that when master painted a bunch of grapes and other berries, the birds were mistaking them for real and sat on the painting.. Go figure. I guess you got the best critique by Nature :0)
    And they like it.

  4. I hope Lucy and Desi have a good time with you!
    I was looking at the water under that bridge, and its incredible! Of course we love the bridge too

  5. You have been busy! They all look good! I thought you had painted the moth. :) Sunshine here at last too!

  6. The girls sure seem to enjoy the cozy warmth of your home! the paintings are also coming along very well. The new portrait seems heading for success while the older paintings seem to be almost there.
    Best wishes,

  7. So where's Bruno when everybody is inside? Poor horse stuck in the barn with no company. The bridge looks great. You are doing a fine job on the painting; the water has great depth.
    the portrait looks like a woman after my own heart; I love head dressing. I really have had my head in the sand. I've missed a lot. You're going great guns even if the weather is inclement.

  8. The bridge painting has come out so well.I am scared of all those straight lines in landscapes but you have done it well!
    I also liked the two portraits that you posted below...Portraits and landscapes are so different from each other, its difficult to switch gears- but again, you do it beautifully.

  9. Hello Kathryn:) Funny, at first I thought you painted the moth there, but now I understand he is judging your painting!
    Isn't it fine to have the dogs and the cat all inside and sleeping? It's an sign that they are very satisfied!
    The reflections of the bridge are so nice! Great job. The swallow is going to be nice. I'm sure!

  10. Keep working at the Photoshop Elements, Kathryn. It's worth it. Try the tutorials and the help section!