Monday, December 5, 2011

Great Expectations ... But ...

My set-up

My aunt and sister, visiting the Native Art booth.

Let's just say it was another learning experience.  I met some good people, and made some art contacts. I sold one painting to a friend - a dentist with whom I work, who came out with another co-worker, even though she was coming down with a flu. And I had great moral support from my aunt and two of my sisters. I thank you all!!!

Buddy, drawn properly.
A light glaze of purply-black, with patches of aureolin/quin. burnt orange.

I am intensifying all the colors.
I have gone to a sooty black, made with quin. burnt orange, quin. violet and  indanthrone blue.
I decided the orange was just too "orange", so for his tan patches I have used a mix of aureolin, alizarin and cobalt blue.

And if anyone has any ideas on marketing art, I am ALL ears!!! As always, I love to get your comments.


  1. Kathryn, sorry your show didn't go to well, but on the positive side you did sell one picture. Your dog portrait is going well, I like the colours you are using. I do offer a one day Marketing Workshop for emerging artists in studio which you may be interested in. My next one will be Feb. 19. Give me a call and I can give you more information.

  2. Hi Kathryn, it sure is a learning experience doing an art show. Did my first this past August and only sold to family and a couple of friends. I was waiting for that one "stranger" to look at one of my paintings and say "I just have to have that one!" But, it wasn't meant to be. So, for now I just continue to give away my paintings in hope that someone will see one of them at someone's house and say "can she paint me one like that?" I will do another show this coming August but I'm going t share my tent with a coworker who is putting out her photos for sale. Good luck next time and don't hesitate to put your work out there, it's wonderful.
    Carol Blackburn

  3. Well I think we've all had our fair shair of bad booth shows. I would really like to hear of an artist who had a ton of success with one. Bummer Kathryn. But next time may be the charm for you! Your new painting is coming along beautifully! It looks fantastic.

    And there's this great blog talk radio show that you may have heard of called Artists Helping Artists you may want to check out. They have a weekly show (podcast) about some aspect of marketing art.

  4. A few of the girls in my art society do what we call craft fairs, with similar stalls. They say the ones near Christmas are always dire for sales. Perhaps there's a logic there on the buyer's side, but it is disheartening. They still do the fairs near Christmas, but sell more cards and calendars of their paintings.
    Perhaps that might be something you'd be interested in doing?

  5. Dear Kathryn. We can't win them all, and one thing I have learned is never to have too many expectations. But you did sell one, and even if it was a friend, I don't think she would have bought it if she didn't like it :-)
    That said ..selling art is difficult, yours is amazing, and I am quite confident that you will make it. Don't let one disappointment ruin your confidence! Hugs!

  6. Marketing art is not easy..I guess you have to be lucky at the time...Its certainly not your paintings! This new painting of Buddy is coming out beautifully. I have given a lot of my paintings away JUST to have it "out there" for someone to see.

  7. I think your art is lovely, lovely, lovely!! I'm not surprised you sold and it doesn't matter who it was that brought it :0)

  8. Kathryn, a learning experience is a good way to put it:)) I had a learning experience also at my art show. Not sure I'll be doing another one anytime soon. But hey it resulted in sale:) I didn't sell any originals at my show I did sell ornaments and prints. Couldn't help but feeling like sticking my tongue out at some of the other artist's that did have a successful show. Did make me think of Leslie Saeta, one of the hosts of the blog radio show Crystal Cook mentioned. At one of her shows she said she felt like stabbing some people with her palette knife (she paints oils with palette knives) because they were buying tacky art on velvet from the booth next to hers but not buying hers. Oh, well live and learn, I took it as a sign it wasn't the venue for me:)