Wednesday, November 13, 2013

It's SUNNY, So I Could Get Some Decent Photos ... or ... Yes, Same Old

It is gloriously sunny, so I was able to get good photos, showing the colors much more as they are.
This is Cindy. She was my horse vet's Mexican-rescue dog. Sadly, she developed myasthenia gravis [neurological disorder] and had to be euthanized early this week. Mario is devastated - he is such a sweet, kind soul. When I spoke with his wife, she told me he was desperately looking for photos of Cindy. I have a few on my computer I will give him, and I did this yesterday to give Mario as well, though his wife said he will probably cry. It really is so hard when one of our animal friends passes on.

These are the two portraits I did of Cindy a few years ago. Mario and Juanita have this one hanging in their bedroom.

Thank you so much for dropping by, and your comments are always welcome!


  1. Our hearts are hurting- in knowing Cindy's pawrents had to say good bye to her. Its just so hard.
    Hearts can hurt so bad and leave a big hole that can never be filled.
    Pawprints were left on Cindys familys heart-- paw prints that will be forever- until they all meet again. I will light a candle for Cindy and look for the new star in the sky. I know a new angel will be watching over many of us now- and that angels name is Cindy.
    The portrait of Cindy is so beautiful--
    We can see how much she was loved- by her beautiful expression that you captured as your paint brush flowed with your caring heart.
    We are very sorry--and we ask the universe to heal Mario and Juanita's heart.
    tweedles and moms

  2. Cindy was an adorable little dog and her owners will love the painting, Kathryn! Wonderful work....

  3. What a wonderful drawing and such a thoughtful gift to her owners. I don't have a pet at the moment but I know how hard it is to lose a beloved family friend. The dahlia is magnificent in the sunlight!

  4. I'm so sorry to hear that. I still miss Codi dearly and I remember just how painful it was when she passed away. I get a huge lump in my throat and my eyes well up just thinking about it :0(
    What a thoughtful thing for you to do. I am sure they will treasure your paintings and drawings for years to come....
    The landscape is gorgeous and that flower!! Love the contrast between light and dark. I've never been a fan of wishy-washy watercolours and this is something yours are NOT! :0)

  5. I love the portrait of Cindy - and know Mario and Juanita will as well. Its so thoughtful of you to do that for them. And the dahlia is superb! Such wonderful light - it absolutely shines!

  6. Lovely Cindy! Your portrait is so beautiful, and I am sure that Mario will be so consoled... you are a kind soul, Kathryn!

  7. Thank you Kathryn for your visit to my blog and your lovely comments. It has been a long while since last i blogged. I have not been painting much at all lately. It is nice to see your fabulous paintings. The dog portraits are amazing. I am certain the owner is most pleased. Happy Painting!

  8. Wonderful colours, Kathryn. Cindy has that wise-owl look about her.

    My two dogs died with two weeks of each other. We buried their ashes under the weeping willow tree, and two holly trees are growing from the spot. Having said that, holly grows like weeds in my garden.

    I'm still not sure if the dahlia is a photo or a painting .... given the background I'm assuming its another Ragan Classic!

  9. Hello dear Kathryn:) No matter what pet there is in the family; the loss is always terrible and gives a lot of sadness. The pencil drawing of Cindy is so beautiful and has a lot of expression from which the owners will remember her. The dahlia is beautiful and so colorful. You did a great job on it!
    Your landscape painting is beautiful too. Why not paint two horses in it and the painting is ready for the challenge of Lee Brown.
    ( http://leeabrownphotography.com )The landscape is exact the same!!! Have a nice sunday and a hug for Bruno:)xx