Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Pooking Along ...

I added a foreground, first with a w/w wash of phthalo green mixed with sienna and indanthrone, with some quin. gold in spots ... 

... then I felt I had to darken the entire painting, so I did two w/w variegated washes   using cobalt blue, quin. coral and quin. sienna. I stayed away from the focal area of the sun with the colors. 

I added some mid-ground trees and a fence line, and I am calling it DONE.  You all know I am not much for painting landscapes, but this very ethereal, foggy scene does appeal to me. Might do more ...

This is a portrait of another blogging buddy. Her name is Tweedles, and she is the cutest pug, who writes about her adventures visiting Mother Nature. Miss T. recently had two major surgeries, and she and her moms have been through a very rough time. I thought, as they love my work, I would send a portrait of The Tweedles to them to cheer them up. I was introduced to Miss T. by another good blog friend, Suzanne Berry. She paints exquisite oils [including pugs], and is truly weird and wonderful! Take a visit ... suzanneberry.blogspot.com

And this cutie is Roxie. She belongs to one of the artists - a jewelry maker - at my cooperative gallery. Linda has commissioned a portrait for her husband for Christmas [hopefully].

Thank you so much for dropping by, and your comments are always welcome!


  1. You should do some more landscapes. Looking forward to more of them ! Good idea with the fence! Cute dogs too. :)

  2. Yes it is ethereal!! I like it too. It's lovely. Love the dog portraits they will be so pleased to have them. Hugs, Kathryn, love,Diana

  3. Our sweet Kat
    When we look at the painting -- we see it mysteriously change before our eyes. We feel like we are there- and its like watching fog moving along the fence and creep across the pasture- and then it looks like a little time has gone by- and the day is getting brighter- like something magical is about to happen.
    We love your painting and all that you do- to make it seem so alive before our very eyes.

    The portrait of Roxie is so gentle. We feel her spirit-- and its like we expect her to come running to us.
    And my moms are in total love of the portrait you did of me,,, they want to kiss it- because they said they can sense my beating heart- in each stroke... my spirit is right there before you.
    Thank you sweet Kat

  4. I love how the landscape is developing Kathryn, and the dogs' portraits are so great!!

  5. Oh I also LOVE Suzanne Berry's work! She's amazing isn't she?
    And your Pug drawings are gorgeous! And you have captured such lovely mood in the landscape... Perfect! :0)