Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Bit of This and That ...

I call it "proboscisizing". When a horse really likes where you're scratching, the upper lip extends and sometimes wiggles, and if it's REALLY good, they might drool! Just what you needed to know.

More good times. The white on his neck is his racing tattoo. He seems to quite like a scratch there.

All cleaned up, and ready to rock!

Don't do this at home.  I'm taking his photo while sitting on his back. It's about as bright as taking pictures out of the car while driving ... and, yes, I've done that, too. He has his ears cocked back, listening to what I am doing. 

Now the neighbor's horse has caught his attention - his ears are focussed there.

A well-earned munch after exercise.

Garden update - the lettuce and snow peas are doing very well; the rest are slower.

I've slowed to a crawl with this. There is a little voice in my head saying "I could do better. Let's start again". I am trying to ignore that suggestion. I also had a thought about doing the bridge with this technique. Hmmm ....

I worked on Paulina a bit - intensified the green of her dress, and reddened her hair. Again, I am creeping along with the painting.

As always, your comments are most welcome! I love to hear from you.


  1. Bruno is very smart! Watching his ears twitch around--- yes,, he is listening,, and he is checking to see if you are listening to him!
    I think you were!

  2. "Proboscisizing" - what a wonderful word! And oh, how I remember that drooling! And the glaze in the eyes! Lovely captures Kathryn!

  3. Coming along nicely, Kathryn!!!!

  4. hy Katryn finally i have finish my paint wich i hope to partecipate at the 92th Annual Open Exibition og National Watercolor Society, and now i have time to visit my favorite blogs:))
    Your lettuce look great and promise a big harvest....Bruno is too nice with his upper lip.Pippo, (the fat boy)think that you cuddle Bruno too much.hahahha (it is envious)

    big hug

  5. You certainly are keeping busy. The pictures all seem to be coming along nicely.

    Is the dentist's arm fixed yet?

  6. Your horse painting looks positive,I look forward to seeing how it comes together.

  7. Great post Kathryn ,very interesting. I'm glad you showed the progress of the veggie 'garden', coming along beautifully. I really don't like to say this, but I know you are your own worst critic...I think Brunos head is too short, there is something with the proportions and I just know you are such a perfectionist...so I said it ! On the other hand I really love Pauline, she is gorgeous even without being done yet. xox

  8. Love it when you share pictures of the handsome fellow :) And I think your paintings are coming along nicely. I would soften his neck a bit to blur it more. I really like the light and color in the portrait! Just go slow - work on when you feel the inspiration :)

  9. No, don't start again! I love the light playing on the horse's head, it looks ethereal. Don't lose it - but carry on! xx

  10. Both paintings are coming along beautifully! And I am just a tad jealous of you and your steed. :)

  11. Me too. I like the ethereal quality. Push it. You know, you can do more than one of these paintings. Follow the dictates of this one and start a new one with what you learned from this one--or is that too boring? I once read there's a time in the painting process where the painting takes over and dictates what must be done. I've experienced that and that's where you are with Bruno.

    Paulina is coming along beautifully.