Sunday, September 5, 2010

What Is It About Labs??

   Earlier this summer, I had the pleasure of exhibiting at "An Evening of Arts at Darts". Darts Hill is a nature/garden conservancy maintained by the district of Surrey, B.C. I selected about fifteen framed paintings, [primarily floral]  and with the irreplaceable help of my aunt, trundled off to set up. The venue was exquisite and very well-organized, and well attended as it was the first lovely summer evening we had
experienced that year.
   One of the paintings I took was a portrait I had done for my dear landlady, Pat. It was of her black Labrador, Birdie. As with all dogs, [and horses] she had her unique personality, which I think I captured in "The Laughing Labrador". The strange thing was that, although all the paintings received attention and comments, Birdie was the hands-down favorite; I could have sold her at least half a dozen times during the three hour exhibition. So many people had a story about their Lab, and "It looks just like ... " was a frequent comment.
   So, I want to know, what IS it about black Labs???

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