Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Escaped ... again!

The chin, Baby, eating Shakespeare.
Baby, hiding behind sweatshirt
I don't know what possessed me this morning. I suppose it was that they are so cute and playful early in the day. That, and my congenital belief that all living things have souls, and a desire to be happy. So, I set up their playpen, and let Baby inside. He ran, and rolled in his bath dust,and ... disappeared. I just caught a glimpse of  grey fluff streaking toward the bedroom. I'm doomed!!! He was there, making merry ... scampering around at close to light speed, stopping only for the occasional chew on books, paper, furniture, walls. I can't catch him in a large area; my only option is to let him in the bathroom, and shut the door behind me. Then he's easier to catch. I've read that one can train chins to come to you for a treat, but I think it must be an urban myth. Well, at least he got his dose of culture today!
Seriously contemplating chewing the wall
Playpen, with toys and cornstarch "bath"
Bungee cords and plank to keep the little bugger in

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