Saturday, February 19, 2011

ARRRGGHHH ... or ... Maybe I'm "Growing"?

Masked, with some colors poured on

Mask off

Some light washes on foreground figures

I thought it was OK ...

then I came home from work yesterday, and did this

   I have been feeling somewhat frustrated of late. I quit one of my dental hygiene positions, and there are NO other hygiene jobs right now. But it was something I had to do; I was actually feeling physically ill about working there, and that amount of stress is a killer ... literally. So now I work only at my "happy" office [previously mentioned in this blog]
   And I am frustrated with riding, or lack thereof. The weather has been such that I am able to get perhaps two days of playing with Bruno per week. Both of us are under-exercised and over-fed!!!
   My painting, too, I find vexing. I feel I am just NOT expressing what and how I would like to express ... I am not even able to "verbalize" the idea clearly. I have been studying a lot of other web sites and blogs to find some sort of inspiration, and I have come across several ideas I would like to play with. I think basically I would love to start REALLY loosening up, paint OUTSIDE the lines. So that is what I started doing last night. I quickly mixed some darks, got a big flat bush, and slopped paint. And I like it!!


  1. Now this sounds exciting......and I absolutely LOVE this painting, can't wait to see where you are going.....

  2. This is progressing beautifully....look forward to seeing it completed. Your paintings are wonderful. Spring is just around the corner...:)

  3. You are going in the right direction and doing great. I'm glad you left the job that was so stressful. Keep painting and growing. You are on the right track!