Thursday, April 7, 2011

Carmella Continued

I think this is where I left off yesterday.
Taken in morning light.

Taken with flash
Some detail work around tongue/mouth.

More color around mouth.

Afternoon light.
Still working around mouth.
Very distorted color and value with flash.
All colors are placed [not at finished value]
except for chain and dog tag.

   I must say I am quite excited about how this portrait is coming along! The last photo I took [at night] does it NO justice whatsoever. But it's getting late, it is very hard to paint with blacks at night, and I am working as a dental hygienist tomorrow. So, off to bed!


  1. Kathryn, this lab portrait is coming along so nicely, the colors are brilliant, you have captured such a warm and loving character in this dog. I will follow along very closely as a friend has asked me to paint a portrait of her black lab that recently passed away, unexpectedly. Wishing I could put together something close to what you have accomplished here!

  2. those eyes! just beautiful, and I'm enjoying your dogwoods too. Can't wait to see the finished lab.

  3. Oh I love this Kathryn! He is such a happy looking guy! YOu do great work with the eyes, and that tongue too. :)

  4. Yes, you should be excited, Kathryn - this is wonderful!

  5. This is looking absolutely gorgeous Kathryn. I know what you mean about getting colours right, especially at night......