Friday, April 15, 2011

Lighting Effects & iPhoto Are Making Me Crazy [ or Crazier than Usual]

I think I left off here - darkened left [in photo] of neck

Same stage, different lighting 
Last three photos are at same stage today, with outdoor light, but different adjustments in editing.

No editing, other than cropping

   Miss Carmella is coming along very, very nicely; I am quite pleased with the portrait. But I find myself very frustrated with the editting; the bright colors [tip of collar, and dog tag] seem to appear true to the original image. The "animal" colors just do not do  the painting justice. Ah, well ...
  I e-mailed the painting image to a friend and fellow artist, Deborah Strong, as she also does a lot of animal portraiture, in colored pencil. She is the same woman who held the silk painting class last week. On her recommendation, I darkened the tongue, closest to the upper lip [do dogs have lips?] And I darkened the pinks near her flews and the gums and teeth. I glazed a bit more warmth into the eyes with quin. burnt orange and quin. violet. I'd like to get the chain done today sometime, and then put it aside for a day or two before really critiquing it. But I also would love to spend some time with Bruno today; I left him to his own devices on Wednesday, and Thursday I had to go to work.
   As always, all comments and criticisms are most welcome!!! Thank you all!


  1. Its coming along fine. I'm not an expert on dog painting, so I can't offer advice. I can offer encouragement..good job so far. I think you have the right idea, put it aside for a little while and enjoy your time with Bruno. :)

  2. A very sensitive and beautiful portrait of the dog. One to be proud of.

  3. Nice work. I am a friend of Deborah's as well. Her suggestions do seem to be looking good.