Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Welcome to Venus - Ray Bradbury style

The BrunZ

Placed shadows 1st, then my fave animal colors - quin. burnt orange, and quin. violet

Keep building up with same pigments

Almost looking like a horse

More modelling

I just added the mane/forelock.
Looks like it needs more depth

Some quick sketches I did from photos on a friend's site
Peter, these are your birds. I tried for over an hour to find out what that big-footed bird is - I still don't know.

   I have only done a bit of playing around with pencil and brush today. The study of Bruno is on a 9 x 10.5 inch piece of Arches 140 lb. CP. I wanted to try putting down the dark cast shadows first, and then work the painting from there. It seemed to do well, but I felt very constricted working on something that small. I don't think I would make a very good "daily painter".
   The birds are based on photos from a friend's blog. He was out in "his" park the other day, where there is actually spring weather happening, and took some great photos.
   That brings me to Ray Bradbury and Venus. He wrote a superb book, "The Illustrated Man" [which was also made into a credible movie] The book was comprised of several short stories based on the tattoos on a man's body. One of the tales was about three  astronauts  trapped on Venus. This Venus had a breathable atmosphere, but it was CONSTANTLY raining so heavily that if you were outside without protective gear, you would more than likely go mad. OK, weird and extreme. [I loved it; I lived on science fiction when I was younger] To make a long story even longer, our weather here on the "Wet Coast"  definitely reminds me of that story.
   Cheers! And I hope you are having better weather wherever you are. Thank you for dropping by!!!


  1. Really nice to see "my" birds here! :-)

    I got a comment on the post where it was and somebody indicated that the big-footed one is some kind of "swamphen".

  2. Thoroughly enjoy seeing your process and the horse coming to life. xx

  3. The painting is looking great. Love seeing the in progress photos.

  4. Wonderful wip...love seeing your steps. :-)

  5. Loving your horse painting, and watching it evolve, like you sharing your colors as well, they are perfect with this horse.

  6. Very interesting to see a step by step, it was very good, imagine if they put a little color in the background will value even more.
    Congratulations and big hug.

  7. I wouldn't know where to start if I were to paint a horse, but you are a true master in this material . Very beautiful, and the expression of the eyes is so perfect.

  8. Yes I thought the bird looked just like a New Zealand Pukekoe (swamphen).Was it blue with a red beak? I love seeing you painting develop too.Agree on the more depth.It would be good to see it if you do that.

  9. The birds are adorable! I, too, loved the Bradbury book, and I often find inspiration in science fiction and speculative fiction.

  10. This study is very good. I like how you have worked on it.