Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Portrait Classes

Our classroom, very bright and airy, with good lighting
   I must say I am really enjoying the classes. Lalita is a fantastic, upbeat, wonderful person; just being around her makes everyone feel better, more positive. The class is small. The information is extremely well presented, and hand-outs are provided. We even get "homework"! So it's three hours every morning,  Monday to Thursday for two weeks. My brain "feels full" after each session.
   I took the portrait of Dr. Wong to class yesterday. Lalita liked it, and said it expressed my description of the model. Her only suggestion was to darken three points around the face, to increase focus to the face. I have done so, and the result is below.

Three spots darkened

Another view of the classroom
We're working on portraits in "pieces" - head shape and proportions, eyes, ears, mouth ...
Lalita, helping me to define the portrait I would like to paint 
My set-up
Lalita, with another student [Betty]


  1. How awesome is that, you did a wonderful job on your portrait.
    Carol B.

  2. Looks like a wonderful workshop Kathryn. I Know you will get your money's worth and much more! I admire your enthusiasm and tenacity.

  3. Kathryn resultadao the end of the portrait of Dr. Wong was excellent.
    I was wanting to be here also in this super class :)