Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Domestic Menagerie Is Coming Along ...

Miss Moo
7.5 x 9.5 in / 19 x 24 cm
Added some phthalo blue highlights and a grey "shadow map"
[ aureolin, quin. pink, cobalt blue] 
Intensify some areas, lift others
Photo taken outside - much closer to "real" hues

 Miss Moo is done, and I think she is quite sweet-looking. I took the photo this morning outside, and it gives a more better idea of the true color.
The goose needs more play with his shadows, and work on the bill and feet. I am wondering about the background. My tendency is to be quite dark and dramatic, but I think this will need something more subtle. It depends on how intense I get with his body shadows. What do you think?? 


  1. So neat! They are coming along so beautiful! Can't wait to see them finished!

  2. "Miss Moo" is adorable. Really like the values shapes and those eyes speak volumes.

  3. I love Miss Moo, especially her beautiful eye. I hope to see the other painting also completed soon.
    Best wishes,

  4. They are both lovely, Kathryn. As far as backgrounds go I would be the last person to give advice as they are my weak point.

  5. The Cow looks very smart and completed. The Goose shadows are pretty much done; yet, if you place more shadows on the legs it will give more 3D effect. I love your style. The subjects and compositions remind me Beatrix Potter wonderful art. And I think you even exceeded :)
    Thank you for asking advice and doing such a great job on paintings,

  6. Hi,Kath,
    I always feel your very sophisticated sense of humour & humane eyes in lovely watercolours. Especially, the beautiful washes are splended!

  7. Excellent work!!! I love Miss Moo...

  8. Miss Moo is fabulous!! Your goose looks very fresh with the lovely bright, clean colors. I have a tendency to go dark also with my paintings but this one may lend itself to being a little brighter.