Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Langley Cruise-In ... or ... NOT Your Usual Day in the Country

Phenomenal paint jobs

Cool cars

Cars like works of art

Shades of "Christine"

Beautiful grille 
Art Deco paint job

Lush interior

One of my favorites

The toy rat, coming out of the gas tank, caught my eye as we were leaving

   It was a fine, hot day in Langley today. People were out in the thousands, crowded in a few city blocks, to admire the cars. The cars, from all over North America,  were parked along the sides of several closed-off streets.
   My sister Steph came out from Vancouver for a visit, and a tour of the car show. We wandered around for almost three hours, until we were "car-ed out". And this time, she kept an eye on me; the last time we went, we got separated, as I got so absorbed in the cars and taking photos. [Good to have a caring sister.]


  1. Looks like a fab day - and what a great range of cars!

  2. Now that's a fine example of "horsepower."

  3. So much fun!! I missed the car show here, I wanted to get some good chrome shots to paint.

  4. Great cars. I cant wait to see them in your paintings.

  5. Glorious past, such wonderful cars. Big hug

  6. I'm with Vinayak, I want to see these in your paintings too. :) Especially that one of the grille that's kind of magenta! How cool would that be?! All those reflections. You must do it.

  7. Yes, do the car paintings! :D
    and thank you for posting the pics. Enjoyed seeing the highlights of the event. Looking forward for more.