Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Tale of the Haunting Bunny ... the One Haunting Me!

Cute rabbit reference photo
Reasonable sketch
Light glazes on B., using cobalt blue
I used staining colors for background , and it looked much too intense, so I scrubbed with sponge to lighten
Darkening B., using aureolin, quin. pink and indanthrone blue
Re-working background, using viridian [I've never used it before]
I am hoping it tones things down, and adds a more gentle green
Viridian worked well, I think.
Added some shadow around B. and leaves.
I've got a light glaze of the darker grey on his face, and I am starting to think there may be hope for the rabbit.

I am being haunted by the ghost of Smokey. He was a friend's pet for years, and for her birthday [in May] I thought I would paint Smokey. The only photos she could find were less than helpful, so I found some reference photos, and set out from there. The first attempt was OK, but Laara said he was darker. When I glazed to darken, I lost all definition; it looked like a grey Schmoo. For those of you who are younger, there once was a cartoon called L'il Abner. One of the characters, actually there were tons of them, was called a schmoo. Essentially, they were little, slightly elongated blobs, with faces. [My sister has a schmoo; she insists it is a pug]
I really like to be able to do a good job in whatever I do, so I am finding myself somewhat frustrated by this painting, hence the HAUNTING!
As always, please feel free to leave any comments! [back to the schmoo] 


  1. I love this bunny already! He's really coming along great and I look forward to the finished piece! YES!! I do remember Lil Abner...and Daisy Mae!!! ahh! memories...

  2. I love seeing how you develop your paintings. I do like this bunny!

  3. Hi, You have such a nice clean crisp painting style. I like it very much. You have chosen a very difficult subject with bunny, but it's coming along very well.

  4. I like the last sentence you wrote under Bunny ' I think there may be hope for the rabbit,' so I would take it from there :-) In fact he is a lovely rabbit, and you should be proud of him. I'm sure he will be perfect in the end as well as all your other paintings!

  5. Adore your bunny pictures. I have rabbits and love them