Friday, November 18, 2011


This is an illustration by Allen Cantrell.
The caption reads "Shit, I hate winter!"
That about sums up my sentiments toward this time of year.
Lucy, modeling a winter coat I bought at the tack shop.
Desi, showing off hers.
It's the same color as Bruno's!
A neighbor touching up her snowman.

Yes, it's true - I HATE winter. While we're on a similar vein, I hate Christmas, too. There ... I am a Grinch, and proud of it! We rarely get a long cold spell. But I do remember one a few years ago, when I was carrying buckets of hot water to the barn for weeks, because the pipes froze. I swear my arms are longer as a result of that session!
I still have my sister's Boxers living with me. They have been here since Denise's house flooded in late September, and I have a feeling they will be here till the end of the year, when the renovations are completed. Denise asked me if I could look at blankets for them, so off we went today to my favorite tack shop, where they have dog blankies as well as horse gear. I picked up two for Denise to look at, when she comes over this weekend to visit her girls.


  1. "Winter is nature's way of saying, "Up yours."" ~ Robert Byrne Cold here on the East coast too Kathryn. Love the dog blankies, especially the plaid. ( And . . . One of my sister's name is Denise too.) "To shorten winter, borrow some money due in spring."  ~ W.J. Vogel

  2. Winter can be rough...but looks like at least your critters will be prepared with their handsome coats! Hang in there!!

  3. I love winter for 1 month and then I hate it. Pretty much anything after Christmas stinks:) Love the doggies in their blankets!

  4. Hi Kathryn, you are surely not alone! Love the winter coats for the dogs , and look at Lucy's expression!! She doesn't look too convinced :-)
    I am not exactly a winter lover, but I like the cosiness of home life which 'explodes ' in winter.
    Keep warm :-)

  5. Kathryn...you just made me laugh!! Spring, Summer and Fall for me!! I had to put up the heat today and my husband says "What are you going to do in the Winter"? Put it up higher..of course!

  6. Yes it has been cold the last few days, I love the cold clear days but really snow belongs on the mountains, that's why we have them!!