Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Flea-Bitten Grey ... and a Short Peek at Buddy

I love this photo of Jessica and Misty.

This is the one Jessica wants to have as a portrait.

First, the masking goes on. I'm using Winsor Newton now, and I find it to be a big improvement. It  flows more readily, covers better with a thinner layer, and is removed more easily.
Next, I mix a grey with aureolin, pink and French ultramarine [for its granulating quality]. The pigments are applied w/w to get softness and maximize the granulation effect.

I have done more w/w glazing with the lighter grey, and am also going into a darker grey [quin. burnt orange, quin. violet and indanthrone] to intensify the shadows. The pink of the nose is quin. coral, and the eye has been started with the orange/violet/blue mix, tending to the brown.

I'd like to think Buddy is almost finished, but realistically, I think I am at the halfway mark. He needs more texture in the black, more brightness and depth in the tan ...   I showed the painting to his mom and dad the other day, and they were almost teary [hate to do that, but it is a good sign that the painting captures the subject]. Pat has a good eye when it comes to art, and when I asked her what else she would like done with Buddy's portrait, she requested a background. I'll have to give some thought as to how and what to do with that.

The portrait of the grey is a commission for a "horsey" friend. Jess rents a house on Rhonda's property. Rhonda is my riding instructor, and the woman for whom I painted the two portraits of her dog, Carmella. When Jess saw the portraits, she decided she wanted one of Misty. Misty is what is called a "flea-bitten grey"; she is basically white, with very small speckles of a brownish-grey all though her coat. She and Jess have been together since Jessica was 8 years old [she is now finishing her bachelor's degree at university]. Just as I had finished mounting the sketch of Misty on watercolor paper, Jess sent me a note, asking if I could do her other horse instead. But now, she wants both of them done. Of course, I would love to paint both of them!!!
As always, all your comments are most welcome!


  1. Hi Kathryn, art marketing speak, I tell you my opinion: It is better to make a personal exhibition, not collective, focused information and rating. A collective exhibition scattered attention, is like visiting a museum, information cancels the other.
    It is also important exhibition hall, appreciates or depreciates by location. It can be a foundation or some similar.
    Burn discs with your visual work and send it to the local press and local TV, with a self-interview about what you think, do, and a little personal history.
    All this has helped me.
    Regards, Fernando.

  2. Buddy is turning out fabulously!!! And can't wait to see Misty!

  3. They are both moving along so nicely Kathryn, I just love your animal portraits, will be interested to see how you do the background on Buddy.

  4. So you have got a lot of painting to do...that's good:-) I really love the portrait of Buddy...even if he does look a bit sad. But often dogs have that sad look on their faces don't they ? Keep it up Kathryn...you rock!

  5. They're both coming along beautifully, Kathryn!
    Buddy is gorgeous already...love that sheen!!

  6. It's so fun to watch "your work in progress".
    It's amazing to see the portraits come to life!
    Buddy is beautiful!

  7. Buddy is looking very fine - and I am sure the horse will be a fab portrait too :) xx

  8. They both look terrific Kathryn! I LOVE Buddy's sweet face, the eyes really make him come alive. And Misty is a beauty! Can't wait to see how she turns out. Good things are happening for you my friend! Huzzah!!!!! :D

  9. Misty is already starting to look good. You are so patient with your glazing, I am always trying to 'rush it'. Buddy is looking good and I am very interested in the kind of background you will do. Will it be realistic or just shapes and colour suggesting things? I will look forward to the results.

  10. I think they are both looking good, but Buddy is just awesome!:0)