Sunday, March 25, 2012

Onward ...

I left off here ...

 I have the moss "placed" but not finished as to depth and color.

I've started playing with the faces in the stump.
I am very much enjoying bringing out the faces from the amorphous shapes of color, and doing similar painting with the background. Now I must decide whether to leave the background woods soft and less intense, or to darken it. Also, something must be done with the lower right. But I'll bring the tree closer to completion before I decide.

This was Buddy, as sent to Anne, aka Ming the Merciless.

This was Anne's response.

Basically, I'm softening here, adding edges there, darkening, lifting, and adding a LOT of little tiny hairs. You can see where I've darkened the lower left side of his face and neck. Now I must soften, and bring a bit more of the darkened area towards the middle of his face. I am doing a lot of dry-brush, and am pleasantly surprised how it gives texture without looking streaky.

As ever, please feel most welcome to leave your comments.


  1. There are so many ways to look at Buddy- and I cannot say one is better than another.
    What really matters is how it makes your heart feel. And we love it the way it is- because it makes our heart feel peaceful.
    And ohhhhh, we see the magical faces on the stump!
    its getting better and better

  2. Love the washy feel to the first painting - and Buddy Seven is looking pretty good! xx

  3. Well, wow for Buddy! Amazing details, all the tiny hairs! And I am looking forward to the next stages of the tree!

  4. Well, Buddy looks absolutely beautiful just as he is! It's surprising just how much those small details make such a difference isn't it? :0)

  5. Reaching perfection Kathryn...Buddy is incredible, awesome work , and I love to see how you proceed slowly with the other work...coming on beautifully! xo

  6. Buddy is fabulous! Can't wait to see how your top one comes along. Such lovely work. Now, when are you going to give up that job and paint full time?

  7. Buddy does look terrific. Good depth on the head. I like the little hairy details.